The October! Collective is a conscious female led movement that advocates the representation and celebration of human potential and creativity. This movement is not oppositional to other gender expressions, but seeks to recognise and activate energy that unites and empowers all. We acknowledge the failure of the human project so far to give individuals access to the context and tools they need to actualise their full potential. We should never forget our history, but in order to move forward beyond entrenched divisions we should learn the lessons from the past and neutralise the hold mistakes of previous generations have on the future. Emerging from a legacy of “might is right”, where violence is the primary method of social control, we are confronted by a morass of hurt, as individuals and as communities. 


This hurt binds us all to dynamics and behaviours that limit our identity, through the oppression that comes from the residual power structures left in place, and through our need to define ourselves in opposition to the forces that oppress us. This results in our identities becoming focussed around ideology and difference rather than lived experience and joint aspiration. 


We embrace the autonomy of the individual to explore ontological frameworks that resonate with them personally; everyone should be free to explore their own intellectual, emotional and transcendent potential. We want to acknowledge and affirm the position of creativity and the artist in the genesis of new shared futures. 


In a reality that places us on the threshold of technologies that can advance the human experience beyond anything known previously, we explore the potential of the post-human future awaiting us. The crucible of identity is fraught with difficult discourses that are defined in most part by consumerism. Insecurity as a state of being is promoted as it has a profit incentive; insecure people buy more things to attain happiness. The quest to obtain an acceptable face/body/presentation is an indefatigable task, one that becomes oppressive rather than liberating. We endeavour to explore new frameworks of inclusion that do not further exclude marginalised or vulnerable people and help to dismantle toxic narratives that invalidate true diversity.